As governments compete for tax revenues, growing companies need increasingly sophisticated advice when embarking on international operations. Any kind of business activity that spans national borders can have a profound effect on tax liabilities in all countries involved. With appropriate and timely planning, however, opportunities arise for significant cost savings.

Grant Thornton’s tax specialists deal with all forms of advice regarding tax planning and legal services, including domestic and international matters as well as questions in connection with the Companies Act. The tax specialists also assist foreign clients with refund of Finnish VAT and act as their VAT representative in Finland. Transfer pricing issues and taxation of expatriates are other common areas for our international clients.

Carry out commercial strategies with confidence

Our teams will advise you of the international tax consequences of your proposals, enabling you to carry out your commercial strategies with confidence.

We design a tax-efficient structure

If you are setting up a new overseas operation, we will design a tax-efficient structure for your international business and integrate tax planning into your financial and commercial plans, allowing you to judge the tax consequences of a range of possible business strategies.

Other issues to consider

  • Profit repatriation
  • Employee transfer
  • Tax equalisation
  • Transfer pricing
  • Intercompany transfers
  • Profit extraction

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