In the digital environment, companies of various sizes and maturity levels operate, playing a significant role nationally, especially in sectors such as energy and food supply.

Today, regardless of the business sector, cyber threats are very real and can impact any company, thereby affecting society at large. Poorly managed cybersecurity poses risks to a company's continuity and financial performance, similar to an individual's livelihood.

At Grant Thornton, we offer customized cybersecurity solutions for every business, assisting in addressing the NIS2 Directive coming into effect in October 2024. This directive is part of the cybersecurity risk management law and applies to sectors deemed essential and critical.

Entities operating in these sectors must be prepared to effectively combat and respond to cyber threats. They need to identify cybersecurity risks, detect and protect against them, respond to threats with required measures, and be capable of recovering from incidents such as cyber attacks to maintain societal functionality. Compliance with regulations is the responsibility of the company's leadership.

By thinking broadly and acting quickly, we can collaboratively design a cybersecurity framework aligned with your company's goals and the requirements set forth by the directive.