Planning an acquisition or a sale of a business? Our dedicated transaction advisory team helps you through the process, focusing on transaction-critical factors.

Our financial and tax due diligence research allows you to maximise the gains of a transaction while minimising the risks. The due diligence report gives you a comprehensive view of the acquisition target, potential valuation issues and possible risks related to the transaction. These factors often impact the deal execution, structure, terms, and post-transaction procedures. Furthermore, the due diligence assists the acquirer when assessing if the information given by the seller is accurate and reliable. 

We carry out transaction advisory in connection with acquisitions and sales for companies of all sizes and industries. We specialise in mid-market and dynamic growth-businesses. We have a deep understanding related to the characteristics and challenges of such firms.

Buy-side due diligence

Making an informed investment decision depends on understanding the potential financial and tax risk related to the target business. Financial Due Diligence will offer a detailed view on the historical trading development, underlying profitability, net working capital profile, and business’s capital structure. Tax Due Diligence, on the other hand, focuses on potential historical tax exposures related to the business.

Vendor due diligence & Vendor assistance

Vendor due diligence helps you to identify potential value-impacting issues up front and minimise disruption on your business during the transaction process. Vendor due diligence is designed to provide a detailed assessment of the business and is intended to answer questions that could potentially be asked by a buyer. Potential deal issues are highlighted for the vendor at an early stage and where possible can be resolved before the buyer has to be informed.

Vendor assistance engagement may be a more suitable option when “full-scope” vendor due diligence is not required, e.g., when there are fewer buyer candidates. Vendor assistance typically involves a lighter factbook and/or vendor assistance report to provide prospective buyers with reliable information for their due diligence and valuation process.

Why Grant Thornton?

  • You’ll work with a team that has strong due diligence expertise combined with sector knowledge.
  • We customise our services to your specific needs.
  • We communicate our findings throughout the process, ensuring that potential issues are flagged as soon as they are identified.
  • Our experienced specialists, together with the global network in over 140 countries, enables us to assist you with transactions in international environments.

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Jonni Leporanta
Head of Advisory, Managing Partner
Jonni Leporanta

Financial and tax due diligence typically focuses on the following:

  • Business overview
  • Historical and current trading and development
  • Adjusted (normalised) profitability
  • Budget and forecasts
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Cash flow and capital expenditure analysis
  • Working capital analysis
  • Net debt analysis
  • Tax position of the target
  • Tax risks and opportunities
  • Compensation and benefits structure
  • Non-balance sheet items